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IIN-3M Research Reactor Decommissioning


S. Komarov, I. Kuzmin, O. Polovnikov  (SOSNY R&D Company), F. Kungurov, N. Maksumov (RSC MES, Uzbekistan)

The 11th Technical Meeting on Lessons Learned from High Enriched Uranium Take-back Programmes, Tbilisi, Georgia, 19–22 June 2017


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In 2015, a consortium of the Radiation Safety Center under the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Sosny R&D Company, Russia, started an IAEA project aimed at decommissioning of the FOTON Radiation-Technological Complex (RTC) in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The decommissioning implies immediate dismantling of all radiation-hazardous facilities, the main of which are the reactor and the isotope storage facility. The final state of the site shall provide for the possibility of its unrestricted use.

The organizational, technological and design tasks to be resolved during the project implementation are:

  • organize project management;
  • develop a decommissioning procedure and justify its safety for the personnel, the public and the environment;
  • develop, fabricate and deliver equipment, perform personnel training and pre-commissioning;
  • obtain permit for on-site activities from the state Regulator;
  • perform on-site RTC decommissioning;
  • release the RTC site from regulatory control.

The main stages of on-site decommissioning are:

  • remove the IIN-3M reactor vessel, radioactive and non-radioactive equipment;
  • decontaminate the RTC buildings, including removal of activated concrete;
  • demolish the RTC buildings and structures and perform initial technical remediation of the site.

By now the radioactive hazardous activities have been almost completed. The IIN-3M reactor vessel is removed from the reactor box, characterized and prepared for transportation and disposal. The radioactive equipment, materials and solid waste are collected, characterized, packed and ready to be transported for disposal. Liquid radioactive waste is sent to the MES RSC for reprocessing. The isotope storage facility and all premises of the laboratory building are decontaminated except for the reactor box in which removal of activated concrete is in progress.

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